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Crescent Isle

Sailing the Eternal Skies

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The LJ Skies of Arcadia Fandom Community

Banner courtesy of korenchkin

Ahoy, and welcome aboard!

Basic rules:

1) No excessive bashing. This goes for characters as well as community members. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and good-natured ribbing is expected from time to time, but please keep in mind that we are all friends here, united in our enjoyment of Skies of Arcadia. We're all going to have different preferences; that's natural. Please try to respect them in others.

2) Keep cursing/mature content in discussion to a minimum, whether it is lj-cut or not -- we're open to all ages, and I'd like to keep things as friendly as possible.

3) Anything goes in posted fic, so long as you lj-cut so that people who don't want to/shouldn't see graphic de Loco/Vigoro slash don't have to.

4) Keep fanart clean, unless you're linking to an offsite picture (not an lj-cut), and even then post clear warnings. We don't want to get people fired or call down the wrath of protective parents.

5) Obviously, I reserve the right to delete any posts I or the community as a whole deem offensive, but I haven't had to do that yet and I hope I never have to.

6) Have fun -- we're glad to have you as part of the crew!

~Admiral J Soulstorm

admiral_j sponsors the Skyehawke dot com Skies of Arcadia fanfiction archive. Thanks to fanaticalone, we've also got a Skies of Arcadia fic archive over at FicWad! Sail on over!

The Aquila II, commanded by Admiral admiral_j
The Albatross II, commanded by Captain charismaticvyse

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